Ready-to-Run Programs

Our Ready-to-Run Programs are here to help you get the most out of RideAmigos! By minimizing the time and energy required to implement effective incentives we can help you make an impact. We offer a variety of professionally designed programs for use in a wide range of contexts.

Once you’ve placed your initial order we’ll get in touch with you to confirm your purchase, billing, and go-live date, then provide you with a toolkit that includes everything you’ll need to run your program (email templates, instructions on when and how to communicate with your users, suggestions for promotional items, etc.).

Each Package Includes

  • Professionally-Designed Program
  • Incentive Purchasing and Set-Up
  • Marketing Plan and Materials

Commuter Store

A Commuter Store is the #1 program for getting maximum impact from minimum effort. Commuters will earn points that they can then exchange for great rewards, all handled by the RideAmigos platform. We offer:

  • Rewards from a number of awesome retailers including: Chipotle, REI, Whole Foods, Amazon and others
  • Pre-set reward bundles worth $500, $1000, $2000, and $4000
  • The ability to build DIY reward bundles by choosing prizes, quantity and value.

Emergency Ride Home

An Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program will give your commuters peace of mind to choose alternative modes, knowing they will always be able to get home in a pinch.  Customize your program by selecting:

  • How many guaranteed rides you want to offer your commuters and over what time period
  • Who within your system will be eligible for the rides
  • Whether there is a maximum subsidy amount for the rides
  • The ability to build DIY reward bundles by choosing prizes, quantity and value.

Coming Soon

Bike to Work Challenge

Our pre-configured Bike to Work Challenge will help you get a biking challenge off the ground quickly and easily.  During this program you’ll encourage people to try biking and reward them with great prizes:

  • Weekly prize drawings among active participants for cool bike swag; and
  • Grand Prizes:
    • $50 REI giftcard for the most trips logged by a user
    • $50 REI giftcard for the furthest distance biked by a user
    • $200 Panera Bread giftcard for the team with the most logged trips
    • Huge trophy for the most trips logged by a network organization

Coming Soon

Don’t see a particular type of program you’re looking for?  We want to hear your suggestions. Please take a moment to tell us what types of program would be even better for your commuters: