RideAmigos Recipes for Success

Effective commuter management and transportation demand management (TDM) programs may sometimes seem like a combination of magic, rocket science, and luck. But, with help from RideAmigos, success can be almost as easy as whipping up a batch of Grandma’s favorite brownies. Like a family cookbook, we’re collecting recipes to share from across the RideAmigos community, so contact us if you have something to contribute.

Create Bikepools for Safety in Numbers

Even in the most bicycle-friendly areas, getting people off of four wheels and onto two can be a challenge. Bikepool or bike-buddy programs are great for supporting novice riders unfamiliar with best routes and methods for bike commuting. Learn how easy it can be to get a batch of bikepools going using RideAmigos.

Google’s Recipe for a Successful Bike to Work Campaign

Annual Bike to Work campaigns are a staple of most TDM programs. Lucy Tice from Google recently dropped by to lead one of our Coffee Talks and shared this recipe for how they launched a successful campaign using the RideAmigos platform and smart thinking about users.

Financial Incentives for Alternative Commuting

Getting employees to switch from the comfort of their single occupant vehicles can be a daunting challenge. Often they need to be incentivized to make changes in their transportation habits. RideAmigos makes it easy to offer financial incentives for alternative commuting.

Set Up a Carpool Month Initiative

Raise awareness of carpool programs and encourage commuters to use carpooling as a method of transit. Prove that carpooling is a fun, effective, and environmentally-friendly way to get to work and commute with this easy recipe.

Preferential Parking for Carpools and Vanpools

Providing premium parking spaces for carpools and vanpools can help encourage more use of these fun and efficient ways to commute. It may take a little work to whip up, but this recipe will quickly prove its worth.

Create an Incentive for Big Events

Big events are great fun, but they can also be huge headaches when it comes to parking. Offering relevant and accessible incentives is a proven way to influence people’s transportation choices, motivating them to leave their cars at home.