Step 1 – Basic Information

In order to start implementing your new commuter management platform, first we need to gather some basic information.

After completing this step, next you’ll be asked to provide branding details and data sources.

Let’s get rolling!

Administrator Information

Who will be the primary point of contact as we set up your new site?

Basic Site Details

Examples: Smart Ride, My Commute, Commute Bloomington – Simplest, fastest, – Requires additional setup for both parties
Do not include http:// or https://

Learn more about Single Sign On options

This must be an email address owned, maintained, and answered by your organization.
We recommend addresses such as,, etc.
Please do not use personal email addresses.

Trip Planning and Geographical Information

Select the timezone that corresponds to your primary location or the majority of your users. Individual user timezones are set based on their addresses.

The default map center location when a user has not specified an address.
Format: City, State

Either latitude/longitude boundaries, or names of cities/landmarks.

In addition to naming local transit options below, please begin the process of collecting GTFS routing files from them to send us later in the onboarding process.

Describe desired layers here. We will ask for the corresponding data files later in onboarding.

Timeline and Implementation Information

Please note that deployment of your site will take approximately 3 weeks from the time you confirm all forms and files have been submitted and your contract is signed. (Unless otherwise negotiated during the sales process.) We also recommend at least 1 week between the completion of development and your public launch.
Format: MM/DD/YYYY

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