Previous Webinars

Office Hours 9/20/17

This month we covered bulk trip confirmation in the Commute Tracker app, gave a quick review of vanpool management, and answered several great questions about future Commute Tracker updates, the possibility of in-platform mass email, and how to use video files in content fields.

RideAmigos + Scoop Integration

Jeff Chernick, RideAmigos CEO, and David Weisman, Scoop Director of Business Development, share how their two teams are working together to transform transportation.

Office Hours 7/19/17 – Bring Your Questions!

Hey Amigos! This month's Office Hours webinar was a chance for you to bring any and all of your questions to ask and share. Highlights include end-user registration options, some previews of beta & upcoming features, event scheduling, user notes and more. Grant, Corey, and Matt provide both answers and entertainment!

Office Hours 6/21/17 – Strava Integration, Open Forum

Grant Heger, Director of Client Services, highlighting our new Strava integration option and giving the opportunity to Ask Grant Anything.

Feature Updates for Challenges and Vanpools

This Coffee Talk kicks off what will become a new series of "office hours" events, held every third Wednesday. Grant Heger, Director of Client Services, will discuss and demo product updates to our Challenges and Vanpool Administration modules, along with setting aside time for answering any questions you may have about anything pertaining to the RideAmigos platform.

All Star Challenge | SLOCOG & SBCAG

SLO County’s chosen employer representatives will go head-to-head with the best employers of Santa Barbara in this year’s first-ever Bike to Work Week Challenge! We'll get both sides on a Coffee Talk call on May 11th to discuss the challenge, which will run May 15th through 19th.

Fresh Ideas for Promoting Bike Commuting

Just in time for springtime and bike month, join your friends at the RideAmigos academy as we share our experiences and ideas about encouraging bike commuting. From 30 Days of Biking to Bike-to-Work events, this season is ripe with opportunities for engagement. But sometimes it takes a little more than just a challenge or event to get people out of cars and into human-powered transportation.

Preparing for Bike Month 2017 | SLOCOG & SBCAG

SLOCOG & SBCAG team up for a great session on preparing for bike month.

Strategies for Large-Scale Challenges

Running challenges on a large scale is one of the popular uses of the RideAmigos platform. But planning, promoting, and administering such challenges is a complex process. This Coffee Talk will be an opportunity for Academy members that sponsor municipal, regional, or other big challenges to share their experiences and strategize together.

Incentives Make a Difference | SLOCOG

For this month's event we'll talk about how to keep participation going for the holidays and how to use incentives to change behavior and collect important data.

Using RideAmigos Events for Holiday Rides Home

Help make your students’ annual holiday migration from dorms to the comfort of home by using RideAmigos Events to create an online ride board.

Spotlight Your Club With Quick Data Pulls | SLOCOG

Successes/lessons from Rideshare Week, a new feature that lets you sort and pull any type of your user trip log data, and highlighting the Trip Reduction Plan (TRP).

Getting There Together | SLOCOG

This month's SLOCOG Coffee Talk X focuses on preparations for Rideshare Week, a new earn a bike program, and using the platform to promote carpools and bikepools. Tune in to learn more!

Multiplying TDM Impact Through Collaboration

At the 2016 conference, RideAmigos sponsored an incredibly successful users group where we brainstormed and discussed ways Academy members can work together to maximize our impact. This Coffee Talk will continue on this theme: combining our strengths through collaboration.

Sub-Networks and Challenges | SLOCOG

The first ever Coffee Talk X! If you’ve attended a RideAmigos Coffee Talk, this will be similar, but targeted to our local SLO audience. Topics include a quick program inventory of the Back 'N" Forth Club and ow to use networks and challenges to engage your workforce to make smart commute choices.

Reducing Parking Demand at MIT, Using Dashboards to Impact Commuter Behavior

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working with RideAmigos to bolster new commuting benefits at their Cambridge, MA campus, to achieve a 10-15% reduction in parking demand. See how integration with multiple data streams can result in huge increases in logged trips.

Beyond Bike to Work Day, How Google Is Expanding TDM Programs

Leveraging Bike to Work Day’s popularity is an excellent way to capture new and existing riders to bike to work all month long. Google shares how they used the RideAmigos platform to incentivize Googlers to ride all month long though a Bike2Work Month Challenge, rewarding current bikers and incentivizing new riders to join in the fun.

A Deep Dive Into the Geospatial Side of The Survey Module

Catherine Sanders with Smart Commute Metro North, a TMA with the Way to Go Program, will demonstrate how she uses the survey module to allocate personalized commute recommendations for employees who opt to participate in an employer survey. This method has shown measured reductions in SOV trips, and has received a lot of positive feedback from employers, for whom the process is easy and insightful.

Using Travel Inquiry Data for Effective Trip Planning

Effective transportation planning is informed by good data. With transportation system users turning to dynamic tools for making inquiries and arranging trips, planners and managers have a new wealth of data that can help inform their planning and decision making.

Using Your Data to its Fullest Potential

Grant from RideAmigos dives into our platform's new advanced reporting features for admins and network managers from a 'Bike to Work Month' point of view.

Increasing Participation in Commuting Challenges

Learn about the latest updates to our reporting features with RideAmigo Grant Heger, then hear from the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce how they've built up participation in their incredibly successful Clear The Air Challenge.

Toss Your Swag Bag: Best Practices in TDM Marketing

RideAmigos CTO Ben Dalton starts the show by revealing the newest version of the RideAmigos cluster tool. Then, stay tuned to hear from Aaron Gaul about the latest trends in TDM marketing.

Incentives and Events Forum

An exciting panel discussion with representatives from three different major metro transportation organizations to explore how to make the most of RideAmigos incentive and event modules.

@HiddenCashSLO & A Multi-Faceted Approach to Rideshare Week

SLOCOG will share their success with @HiddenCashSLO, a social media scavenger hunt that has attracted local media and thousands of new audience members. Other Rideshare Week approaches will be discussed, including: Employer Transportation Fairs International Walk to School Day Employer VS Employer non-SOV challenge on iRideshare #LetsGetVisible

Launching Pilot Programs – WayToGo & Go-Tober

The Way to Go program is launching a pilot campaign for October, when many regions celebrate “Rideshare Month.” We will share some highlights from the planned campaign, Go-Tober, as well as how the campaign will integrate with My Way to Go.