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Coffee Talk Case Study: Sonos Earn a Bike Program

Coffee talk is a monthly conference call, whereby each call focuses on a successful program, methodology or use case that is managed on the RideAmigos platform… Valuable lessons from your fellow RideAmigos members, by your fellow RideAmigos members. Read further for the Sonos Case Study.



Since April 2015, Santa Barbara-based Sonos has offered to pay $600 to each of its 390 employees to buy new bikes and bike gear.

Primary Goal

Reduce the number of parking spots dedicated to their employees and therefore reduce the number of parking permits to their employees.


Approximately 174 employees out of 390 participated in the in the “Earn a Bike” program which is more than 44%!

RideAmigos Tools Used

Trip Logging, Incentive Management, Gamification, & Reporting


Sonos results graphic

Try it out! Here’s how to structure the incentive program!

Sonos launched two incentive programs: Fast Cash Commuters, for employees willing to give up their parking space, and Flexible Commuters, for employees who would like to keep their parking permits. Employees who give up their company-designated parking spaces “earned” their new bikes by 60 bike commutes. Those who retain their parking privileges had to make the daily commute 80 times to “earn” their wheels. After the bikes have been earned, Sonos agreed to pay $5 to the Fast Cash Commuters and $2 to the Flexible Commuters for every day that Earn-a-Bike participants cycle to and from work. Additionally, employees also receive free bus passes. The employees will also receive an additional payment that will be added to their paycheck quarterly.

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