In some cases it may become necessary to reset the Commute Tracker app.  This would include when a Commute Tracker user needs to change the site to which Commute Tracker is linked or if the app has gotten into a fault state or become unresponsive.  The process for resetting the app is slightly different depending on the operating system.


If you are using an iOS device and need to reset the app, you must delete the application from your phone or tablet and reinstall.  This should clear up any lingering app issues and/or allow you to connect to a new site.


If you are using an Android operating system you must first explicitly delete the app data, then delete and reinstall the app:

Go to your device’s Settings menu and select Apps

Select Commute Tracker from the list of applications, then select Storage, and finally tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache to put the app back in its original state.

Now that the cache has been cleared you can delete and reinstall the app to ensure that no issues remain or to connect to a different RideAmigos-powered site.